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Listen Families in Music
» from American Routes Interviews-Nov 21-27, 2001
As people head home for Thanksgiving, American Routes presents great families in music. A visit with mountain guitarist Doc Watson and his grandson Richard, ...

Listen Crafting Sound
» from American Routes Interviews-April 17, 2002
Visiting literal makers of music, crafters of instruments and sounds. Luthier Wayne Henderson takes us to his Virginia workshop for an old-time country jam session with Doc Watson.

Listen Ralph Stanley
» from American Routes Interviews-April 17, 2002
We'll talk with bluegrass pioneer Ralph Stanley about the old sound coming full circle...

Listen Summer Music Festivals
» Talk of the Nation program for Monday, May 27, 2002
Ginny Painter
*Director of Public Information, West Virginia Division of Culture & History
*Organizer, Appalachian String Band Music Festival, Clifftop, West Virginia
....She's the first guest !!!

Listen Doc Watson
» from Morning Edition, Tuesday, July 2, 2002
Host Bob Edwards talks with guitarist Doc Watson, who demonstrates some of the picking techniques that have made him an American musical legend. He also tells how he was discovered in North Carolina by Ralph Rinsler, who was in charge of folk music at the Smithsonian Institution. Rinsler encouraged him to perform in New York as part of the folk music revival. (8:59)

Listen Pioneering Bluegrass musician Ralph Stanley
» from Fresh Air, Monday, July 15, 2002
Bluegrass musician Ralph Stanley. He came to fame late in life when his music was featured on the triple-platinum soundtrack of the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? Stanley sings and plays banjo. He won two Grammys this year for his performance of "O Death" on the O Brother record. At age 75, Stanley has just released a self-titled CD and continues to tour. He's recorded over 170 albums in total, and has been performing continuously since 1946.

Listen Country Music's First Family
» from Morning Edition, Tuesday, July 16, 2002
It's been three-quarters of a century since the Carter Family made its first recordings in Bristol, Tenn. The music of A.P. Carter, his wife Sara and her cousin Maybelle influenced countless country, folk and bluegrass artists. On Morning Edition, host Bob Edwards interviews the co-author of a new book about the Carter Family's musical legacy. (8:45)
» Expanded coverage

Listen Alan Lomax Remembered
» from Talk of the Nation, Wednesday, July 24, 2002
On Talk of the Nation, Neal Conan and guests( Nick Spitzer, Pete Seeger, Worth Long) remembers the folklorist who travelled the country recording traditional music and inspired artists like Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead.

Listen P.O.V. Radio presents Howard Armstrong! Listen to Howard playing some of his favorite songs
Acclaimed musician Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong is renowned for a lifetime of jazz, blues, folk and country music. Sweet Old Song, a new film by Leah Mahan, is the story of Armstrong and sculptor Barbara Ward's courtship and marriage — a unique partnership that has inspired an outpouring of art and music(airs Tuesday, July 30, 2002 ,10 p.m. ET )

Listen The Bristol Sessions
» from Weekend Edition - Saturday, Saturday, August 3, 2002
Starting in the 1920s, talent scouts from big record companies traveled the South, rented hotel rooms, and auditioned new artists. Perhaps the most dramatic of these sessions occurred in Bristol, Tennessee, in 1927. In a two-week period, The Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, and Ernest 'Pop' Stoneman were discovered. Historians have called the Bristol sessions "the Big Bang of country music". This years marks their 75th anniversary. David C. Barnett reports. (10:00)

Listen Hillbillies
» from All Things Considered, Thursday, August 29, 2002
We play an excerpt from an early 1970s sketch from the National Lampoon Radio Hour featuring Harold Ramis, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Bob Perry, Brian Murray-Doyle and Joe Flaherty. It's a pseudo-documentary about a tribe of hillbillies and how they all migrated to the New World. This parody is being aired because CBS-TV is planning a reality show based on the premise of the 1960s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. In the upcoming show, a poor, rural family will be tranplanted to a Beverly Hills mansion. (3:45)

Listen Heritage Festival
» from Weekend Edition - Saturday, Saturday, September 14, 2002
The Augusta Heritage Center at Davis and Elkins College has been recording the state's folk singers for years. One of them is Phyllis Marks, who sings songs she learned as a girl. Some of them date back to 12th century England. Marks is one of just a handful of West Virginia ballad singers who still carry these songs in their heads, so the center also pairs singers like Marks with younger singers to pass on the tradition. Dan Heyman of West Virginia Public Radio reports. (8:00)

Listen Hackberry Ramblers
» from Weekend Edition - Saturday, Saturday, September 21, 2002
Host Scott Simon pays tribute to the Hackberry Ramblers, a Cajun band whose original members have been playing together since the 1930's. They were honored this week in Washington with a National Heritage Fellowship Award. (1:30)

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Studio 360 This Week Old Timey Music.     Hear from Bill Martin, Foghorn and Flat Mountain Girls.

Portland Oregon is the unlikely center of old-timey, jug-band music. The city just wrapped up its the fourth annual Old-Time Music Gathering and the people who came out to out to hear and play early gospel, country, and folk weren’t the nineteen-sixties holdovers you'd expect. Some have blue hair by choice. Produced by Jon Kalish.


Remembering Fiddler Ralph Blizard

NPR's Noah Adams talks with NPR's Paul Brown, newscaster and world-class fiddler, about Ralph Blizard, an influential bluegrass fiddler who died earlier this month.

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