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Links to Old Time Music Pages

Steve Goldfield's Web Page 
Contents include the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the usenet newsgroup,  
Old Time Mountain Music Reinhard Greß   provides many interesting links (Old Time lives! in Germany )
The Oldtime Music Home Page David Lynch's page from Appalachia
Roots of American Fiddle Music You can dig into these pages for every last rootlet.....
The Old Time Herald All the news that's on the beat........four times a year , 24/7 online
Old-time Music birthday list Courtesy of Old-Time Herald friend and writer Kerry Blech
Fiddling Around
Here you will find some free fiddle sheet music in gif format, a bunch of sheet music, fiddle, and bluegrass links, information and links to audio and CD burning resources....
Native Ground Music
Started in 1972 by Wayne Erbsen, an author and versatile musician who performs, teaches, and writes instructional books on clawhammer and bluegrass banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and dulcimer.
Vigortone Records
Vigortone Records is an independent label dedicated to promoting and preserving the best in old-time fiddle and string band music in the Midwest and beyond.
Fiddlefreak Music Blog
Fiddlefreak is a music blog dedicated to exposing good folk music: Folk, bluegrass, Celtic, and other music of the people.
Friends of Old Time Banjo
In between jams FOB occasionally sponsors old time banjo and fiddle workshops and we do our best to keep each other informed about other concerts, festivals and other old time music events.
Peter Yarensky’s New Hampshire
Old-Time Country Dance web site.

There is a variety of material here: music and dance related, stories, photos, etc. This is the official web site for several music and dance events and organizations in the area.
Old Time Music ON-LINE
This is our own page of links to online music and programs in addition to the on-site page of   AudioFiles........enjoy!!
OTR Radio Station "Quick Index" Old-Time Music on the Radio.There's a station near you.
Old Time Music On Compact Disc (CD) Database It is intended to provide broadcasters and fans of old time music a substantial source of information as to the availability of old time music in CD format
Musicians and Injuries
Does this sound familiar? Instrumental musicians are a special risk group for repetitive motion injuries. Sizable percentages of them develop physical problems related to playing their instruments; and if they are also computer users, their risks are compounded and complicated. My own computer-induced tendinitis was very much aggravated by my guitar and violin playing and did not begin to improve until I stopped all playing for several months.
Fiddle Contest links by State/Date Find contest contact information for all of USA and Canada!!
Who Are Shredded Feet Appalachian Dancers?
Remember the 'British Invasion'?? Well the tables are turning...'Shredded Feet are a Leyland-based Appalachian Dance display team. They perform dances and music from the  Appalachian Mountains region of the American South. The dance style is sometimes known as 'clogging', though the dancers wear shoes rather than wooden-soled Lancashire clogs. The music is usually known as 'Old Time', which is a forerunner to the better-known Bluegrass style...'The site has  some interesting links - including one to this site !!.
Joyce Cauthen on Alabama Folklife Research, writings, and recordings by Joyce Cauthen on Alabama Folklife.
Kansas Old Time Music A blog about Old Time music and the players in the Kansas City regional area . Lots of links and video....
Old Time Music in Chicago A place to get information about Old Time Music happenings in Chicago.
Old-time banjo tablature Old-time banjo tablature; mostly from Greg Canote, Jere Canote, and Candy Goldman's stringband class in Seattle. Also MP3s and links. Connect with local musicians. Find jams at home and on the road. Organize a jam. Publicize your jam. Bluegrass, Old-time, Celtic, Irish, Traditional, Contra dance, Blues and any other acoustic genre
Corvallis Folklore Society YouTube videos of dances across the continent (USA and Canada) ; Contra dance video documentaries; Several series of "contra dance lessons" . This site contains down-loadable Contra dance video to give you a feel for what your first visit might be like.
Old Time Mandolin Music Old Time Mandolin Music’s (OTMM) mission is to promote and spread the use of the Mandolin in Old Time Music (OTM) groups and bands. is informing the LA community of what is going on in the Old Time world. The root purpose is to be an active voice of the Old Time community, hosting concerts, putting on Square Dances, and facilitating information for the yearly Los Angeles Old Time Social event.
Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) Program Junior Appalachian Musicians, Inc. helps communities provide opportunities for children to participate in the old-time and bluegrass music and dance traditions of the Southern Appalachians. Currently in over a dozen mountain counties in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, JAM is providing access to the joy of music to hundreds of youth while instilling renewed interest and pride in their heritage.
Old Time Musicians of Europe This site is for players & lovers of OLD TIME MUSIC.Joining this site is easy and once you become a member, you will have lots of fun setting up your own page, where you can invite friends & clients to check out your Old Time Music! POST VIDEOS of you playing your own Old Time Music; POST PHOTOS of your musical Old Time Music experiences and instruments.
Welcome to the Old Time Party The blog primarily serves the old time music community in western Massachusetts, southern Vermont, and the southern Hudson Valley.
Stolen Instrument Alerts Mugwumps Online Stolen Instrument List
Forums, Newsgroups, Lists etc   rec.folk-dancing  alt.banjo.clawhammer
          some samples
Subject: OT v/s bluegrass View Thread (99 articles) 06/12/99
Subject: Sound Equipment RecommendationsView Thread (8 articles) 11/8/02
 Some personal Home Pages by Old Time Players
K-bayashi's Old-Time Music Page Banjo and Fiddle mp3 files and Old-Time Music Links to Japanese Sites
OT Music Site of Gregory Smits Music Files, Essays, Photos--Appalachian-style traditional music with an emphasis on songs
Ed Baggott's Home Page
Of interest primarily to those who enjoy fiddle music and old-time country dance.Contains sound files in MP3 and RealAudio format of Ed's fiddling which includes Missouri-style breakdowns and those hornpipes out of the pages of M. M. Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes.
Dan Margolies' Old Time Music links Old Time Music, Bluegrass, Blues, Cajun, Mexican-American Music .